Ramona really turned things around for me in a much broader sense than I could have ever expected! I found her to be an attentive and emphatic listener. Her coaching style is truly holistic, she helped me to realise where I was in my life, why I was dissatisfied in certain regards and what would really require of me to bring about the changes that I was reluctant to admit to myself. I was stuck in a rut - rooting other peoples' beliefs and repeating behaviours that had now become habit and were beginning to shape my identity in such a way that I felt compromised at my very core. Ramona is a pragmatic and nurturing coach who is committed to helping others and bringing out the very best in them. I find myself referring to my sessions with Ramona on a daily basis, it has really helped to hold me to account to bring about the changes that I require. I am so grateful to Ramona, the experience has been life changing. 

I would recommend to anyone committed to bringing about positive change in their lives to contact Ramona without any delay. 

                                                                                                                  MJS-P, Regulatory Advisory Manager

I found Ramona to be a very honest, caring and an empathetic person. She has a great ability to listen and really took time to understand my situation and to reflect it back to me. By doing so she helped me assess my situation. This gave me the opportunity to learn from it and to form my own solutions. 

She was really reliable and at all times professional. Her sense of humour and cheerful personality helped lighten up some situations when needed, which helped me not to be caught up in my emotions and to move forward. 

I really enjoyed the coaching process with her and I really feel it has helped me with my current situation.

Thank you so much Ramona!

                                                                                                                  Tanja B., Child psychologist

Ramona really is a wonderful lady and an excellent coach. I cannot tell you how far along I have come since starting my sessions with her. In session one I instantly felt comfortable and trusted in her confidentiality and from session two onwards, I continued to grow as an individual. I feel I owe so much to her for what shw has helped me to achieve. Ramona's ability to be professional but still make you feel like she genuinely cares is amazing. I honestly cannot recommend her enough and I will very much miss my sessions with her.


                                                                                                                 Amy B., Outreach manager

I would like to thank Ramona for her patience and peaceful approach to coaching. She helped me to become more aware of myself and to understand myself more and see myself in a more positive light. Also she helped me to understand others more. In  my coaching sessions with Ramona I learnt that everything I needed is within me and it is my choice how I think and act. I learnt that I need to be kind and caring towards myself, to be patient and to ask for help if and when needed.


                                                                                                                           Lorena S, Beautician