About Coaching||Being

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Ramona created Coaching||Being as a reminder to everyone of the importance of the mantra 'I am', which is a representation of  how everyone sees and believes themselves to be.

What follows after 'I am' is what defines the person. Everyone can be as magnificent as they allow themselves to be. 

Ramona is a certified coach with eclectic experience of working and supporting people overcome various obstacles in their lives, by employing a spiritual, relationship based and solution focused approach to her service. 
In her work, she is not only driven by her personal experience of growth and her professional expertise, but also by her learning acquired in her role as a parent.
Her philosophy on life is guided by the strong non-religious spiritual belief that people are Whole and Mighty powerful souls, who have all the inner resources to becoming the best versions of themselves. 

Ramona's role is to help you recognise and use your inner consciousness to overcoming any limitations and obstacles in your life, which may be in the way of progress.

Ramona recognises that there are many busy parents/carers and people, in general, out there who may be struggling to also prioritising their needs and dreams, while being highly responsible for others. 

Her service is to be at your service, coaching you through a genuinely caring, relationship based and person centred approach, to unveiling your greatness in any areas of your life. 

Ramona is based in Kent with a background in Social Work, specifically Fostering.

The service is offered from the comfort of your home. 

What better gift to offer to yourself than one hour of your time, as often as you like, to focus on you, your growth, dreams and well-being?